Driving recognition and intent for a French watch brand with pDOOH: Pierre Lannier’s success story

Explore Pierre Lannier’s success story. Periscom and Displayce deployed a powerful pDOOH campaign to promote Pierre Lannier’s authentic and high-quality watches in France. The campaign was enhanced by precise geotargeting, allowing it to reach its full potential.

About Pierre Lannier

Pierre Lannier was created in France in 1977 and has not changed its mission since – to be the accomplice of their clients’ most beautiful emotions. They take pride in supporting their clients in every moment of their lives, reminding them that every second counts. Pierre Lannier also has a strong commitment to preserving French watchmaking craftsmanship, the passion of their watchmakers, and the French chic with unique pieces hand-assembled in their workshop in Alsace. In this regard, they have created several collections, each with its own unique spirit.

About Periscom

The media agency Periscom came to life in 2012 in Strasbourg, specializing in online and offline services. Periscom has managed to stand out in its competitive market. They distinguish themselves notably through their flexibility, responsiveness, transparency, and fluidity. Periscom is also the media agency of proximity and engagement with their clients, advertising agencies, and media, as well as with their partners. They always strive to have the most optimized offers tailored to the needs of their interlocutors.

The campaign context

Pierre Lannier embarked on a mission to increase their brand notoriety as a leader in French watchmaking, throughout France for 3 weeks from November 27 to December 19, 2023. Their objective was to to reach a maximum audience during this period, concentrating on a strategic targeting with geographic radius around the largest French cities to reach the most concentrated places for maximum impact.

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Using programmatic DOOH for maximum reach

The campaign was conducted by Periscom and supported by Displayce’s DSP. It was broadcast on JCDecaux, Media Transport, and Clear Channel panels throughout the VIOOH SSP.

Four distinct screen categories were activated: urban panels, malls, train stations, and subways. Through these settings, Pierre Lannier was displayed on 916 locations and 1,659 screens. They chose to add a radius to their geographical targeting for a more relevant and efficient impact. All the radius were set to 5 km around the center, except for Paris, where it was set to 10 km, allowing them to reach the most frequented areas. Additionally, they were on an all-time buying strategy to reach the most diverse audience.

DOOH screen in the case of the pDOOH campaign of Pierre Lannier and near a tramway

The results

The Pierre Lannier DOOH campaign achieved 2 386 273 impression. To truly grasp the effectiveness of this campaign, Displayce conducted two mobile programmatic surveys sent via Happydemics that gathered 300 respondents. According to Happydemics data, the campaign resulted in a significant increase of 19 points in brand recognition within the watch market and a notable 43 point enhancement in special intent. It means that the exposed people are more willing to take actions regarding the brand. These results are genuinely impressive, placing this campaign in the top 5% of the most effective DOOH campaigns compared to Happydemics‘ benchmark.

The precise selection of screens, combined with relevant geographic targeting, brought accuracy and impact to the campaign, fulfilling its goal of establishing recognition for Pierre Lannier as an authentic and quality watchmaker.