Boost Veolia’s Environmental Impact Awareness with Programmatic DOOH and Dynamic Creative Optimization

Explore Veolia’ success story. Gamned, FamousGrey and Displayce deployed a powerful DOOH campaign with DCO to increase awareness of Veolia’s environmental challenges and solutions.

About the clients


The Veolia group aspires to become the leader in the ecological transition by mobilizing its 220,000 employees around this ambition. To this end, they designed and deploy expert solutions to develop access to resources, preserve them, and renew them, thereby increasing their environmental, economic, and social efficiency. This is how Veolia contributes to replenishing the world.


Gamned was founded in 2009, and since its inception, it has continuously assisted clients in enhancing the sales of their products and services both online and offline. They enable clients to optimize e-commerce and retail data, thereby enhancing targeting of potential customers and maximizing ROI across all digital channels.


FamousGrey, founded in 1997 as an independent agency, joined the Grey Group in 2016, aligning with one of the world’s most innovative and creative advertising networks. Operating under the motto “Famously Effective,” the agency is dedicated to building both its clients’ brands and their business through creative, results-driven campaigns. This success is fueled by a team of 80 employees, each a specialist in fields critical to today’s advertisers. Many of these specializations have evolved into expert hubs, including FamousGrey Performance, FamousGrey Digital, Famous Relations, FamousGrey Productions, and Buyerminds Brussels.

The Veolia campaign context

Veolia embarked on a mission to raise awareness for their environmental solutions and lead their clients towards a more responsible environment. From September 11th, 2023, to September 29th, 2023, across 11 provinces in Belgium, they deployed a multilingual campaign in French and Dutch to ensure a true understanding from their target audience. Their objective was to deliver real-time information on all their environmental priorities as they move. This approach allows their audience to access reliable and live green information.

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Using programmatic DOOH and DCO for maximum impact and repetition 

The campaign was conducted by Gamned and FamousGrey and supported by Displayce’s DSP. It was broadcasted on JCDecaux and Clear Channel throughout VIOOH and Broadsign’s SSP. 4 DOOH screen categories were leveraged for the campaign to offer high traffic and target a diverse audience: shopping centers, bus shelters, stations, and urban panels. Through these settings, Veolia was displayed on 551 screens all over Belgium.

The optimization of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) enables fine personalization and improved productivity. Additionally, they used display to create repetition in the campaign. This strategy enables Veolia’s messages to be broadcast effectively and in a targeted manner, thereby raising awareness of environmental issues and the solutions proposed by the company.

They deployed precise time-parting by personalizing schedules around Veolia’s 110 priority points of interest, updating every 24 hours to reflect the latest information and priorities. Also, by using ASAP pacing, they ensured maximum and fast delivery for their campaign.

Veolia DOOH campaign results

Veolia’s DOOH campaign reached 3,797,395 DOOH impressions, 1,520,208 DOOH plays and 1,103,173 display impressions. 

This approach ensured maximum impact and relevance, making the campaign highly effective in promoting Veolia’s environmental initiatives in Belgium. Gamned, Famousgrey and Displayce collaboration proved to be effective to craft a strategic media plan powered by reliable and real-time data.

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