How to promote JouezSport – a Loterie Romande product – with DCO and programmatic DOOH?

Explore Loterie Romande’ success story. Gamned Displayce deployed a powerful DOOH campaign using DCO to increase awareness of Loterie Romande’s sports bet offer.

About Loterie Romande 

Since 1937, Loterie Romande has been organizing lottery and betting games in the six French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, distributing all of its profits to public utility associations in the fields of social action, culture, sports, education, research, heritage, and the environment.

About Gamned 

Gamned was founded in 2009, and since its inception, it has continuously assisted clients in enhancing the sales of their products and services both online and offline. They enable clients to optimize e-commerce and retail data, thereby enhancing targeting of potential customers and maximizing ROI across all digital channels.

The campaign context

Loterie Romande embarked on a mission to promote their new product, ‘Jouez sport,’ an intuitive platform that offers real-time overview and opportunities for sports bets. Throughout 2023, in two different waves, they strategically timed campaigns to coincide with significant sports events. 

Their objective was to deliver real-time sports information about the highlighted matches, including the date, time, participating teams, and odds. To generate more consideration towards their product, they targeted a precise audience: sports gamblers, which are their direct potential consumers. This approach allows their core target to access all the necessary information should they wish to place a bet.

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Using programmatic DOOH for maximum impact and repetition

The campaign was conducted by Gamned and supported by Displayce’s DSP. It was broadcasted on JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Neo Advertising, Goldbach neo throughout VIOOH and Broadsign’ SSP. Four DOOH screen categories were leveraged for the campaign to offer high traffic and target hyperlocal audiences: Urban panels, grocery, train stations, and gas stations. Through these settings, Loterie Romande was displayed on 205 screens all over the French speaking Switzerland. 

The optimization of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) enables fine personalization and improved productivity, particularly through the automatic modification of several dynamic elements in real-time, such as:

  • The highlighted match
  • The date and time
  • The teams
  • The odds

Additionally, they deployed precise dayparting by advertising exclusively on days surrounding the matches available for betting on the Loterie Romande website.

picture of a DOOH campaign for Loterie Romande

The results

Loterie Romande’s DOOH campaign reached an impressive 2,742,252 impressions and 276,042 plays. Moreover, the DCO technology was activated 7,020 times throughout the campaign by updating the odds every minute to ensure the highest level of precision.

The precise selection of screens, combined with DCO technology, brought accuracy and relevance to the campaign, fulfilling its goal of raising awareness and consideration for their product, JouezSport.

‘The dynamic web and DOOH display brings dynamism to the brand and the product. Individuals interacting with these touchpoints receive real-time information on the match of the day and associated odds. This allows us to move beyond branding campaigns, with updated messaging and a call-to-action for bettors.’

Caroline Thevenin, Marketing Group Product Manager Loterie Romande