Maximizing consideration: contextual strategies for French bee’s flights with pDOOH


Explore Frenchbee’ success story. Ad4screen and Displayce deployed a powerful prDOOH campaign to increase awareness of Frenchbee’s flight offers to travelers & families.

About Frenchbee

French bee, born in 2016 from the desire of the Dubreuil Group to respond to the evolution of air transport, offers flights with exceptional onboard services. The French bee teams strive to create a personalized experience for their passengers, offering them the freedom to choose services that suit them at the best price.

About Ad4screen

For over 10 years, Ad4screen has been helping its clients reconcile traffic & conversion by working on the development of their mobile & web acquisition, along with loyalty strategies and successful deployment. They offer 360° performance campaign management, targeting their clients and prospects. Currently, they operate in 40 markets with nearly 100 clients, promoting their websites, applications, and points of sale.

The Frenchbee’ campaign context

French bee embarked on a mission to promote their flights from the USA to Paris throughout both destinations during the entirety of 2023. Their objective was to increase awareness of their flight offers with tailored creatives aligned with distribution areas and directed towards a target group comprising:

  • Families 
  • Adventurous individuals 
  • Travelers, and those interested in neighboring countries.

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Using programmatic DOOH for maximum impact and repetition 

The campaign was conducted by Ad4screen and supported by Displayce’s DSP. It was broadcasted on JCDecaux Airport, Mediatransport, Basic fit, Captivate, Intersection, Uber, Swift mile, Volta charging, Liquid media group panels throughout VIOOH, Broadsign, MyAdbookers and Vistarmedia’ SSP.

Spanning nine screen categories: Outdoor, malls, train stations, subways, gyms, taxis, offices, grocery stores, and airports, Frenchbee was showcased on 8,370 screens, resulting in 10,259,000 impressions in both the USA and Paris.

Moreover, they implemented precise geotargeting, exclusively broadcasting in arrival and departure cities, namely New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Paris. This strategy was complemented by a custom diffusion schedule tailored to the venue type and city. For instance, in Paris airports, the campaign aired from 8 am to 9 pm.

DOOH screens in airport

The Frenchbee results

Frenchbee’s DOOH campaign reached an impressive 17 000 143 impressions. To truly grasp the effectiveness of this campaign, Displayce conducted a Brandlift study by utilizing two mobile programmatic surveys dispatched via Happydemics. These surveys were designed to compare the effectiveness of different creatives displayed in the vicinity of the panels. According to Happydemics data, the campaign resulted in a significant increase of 57 points in special intent and a notable 37-point enhancement in consideration.These results are genuinely impressive, placing this campaign in the top 5% of the best performing DOOH campaigns compared to Happydemics’ benchmark.

The precise selection of screens, combined with simultaneous diffusion, brought accuracy and relevance to the campaign, fulfilling its goal of raising awareness and consideration for their flights.

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