Following several years of R&D, DISPLAYCE allows DOOH campaign obstacles to be overcome by injecting some AI into its programmatic platform! Access France’s widest inventory in just one click and profit from advanced technology to optimise the performance of your most complex campaigns and reap the benefit of a network of premium screens.


BUY better | CONTROL quality | OPTIMISE your KPIs | MEASURE outperformance



Ecrans premium1. PREMIUM SCREENS
Enjoy the benefit of premium quality, thanks to a new selection of digital posters and billboards, combining a high-impact format + high-quality environment + wide audience.

Specify exclusive or priority time slots for running your campaigns, to create an extra push at key times of day.

Ecrans premium3. KPI OPTIMISATION
Get the benefit, in just one click, of a selection of screens with the highest level of impact to meet your objectives, then measure the improvement in your KPIs.

Automatically adapt your video to suit 18 different formats in just a few seconds, for a perfect match with all digital screens.




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DISPLAYCE integrates into its inventory a new screens’ network: digital posters of the Paris’ shop windows.


Take advantage of strategic locations with a high audience, such as pedestrian areas, busy boulevards, bus stops to capture your target’s attention.

With an estimated audience of nearly 7 million contacts per month, be visible in the Paris’ streets and increase your notoriety, sales,…

With this new network of screens, DISPLAYCE has more than 38,000 digital posters, i.e. more than 85% of the French digital inventory.


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Last November, DISPLAYCE launched a major survey to collect data about DOOH’s French market situation. The study was conducted with 200 active users of the platform and permitted to collect several key data on both the actual use of DOOH in media planning and opportunities for 2018.


DOOH has and will be popular in 2018! It is expected that DOOH’s presence in media planning will grow by 54%. Traders surveyed claimed that DOOH represented 11% in actual media planning and that this number will grow up to 18% in 2018. Since many years we are observing a steady growth in this market and the trend seems unlikely to reverse.


DOOH attracts with its numerous advantageous features such as its capacity to increase brand-recognition (68%) or to generate traffic via drive to store mechanisms (64%). DOOH is also appreciated because it gives the ability to stand out from competitors using an innovative media (40%).




Source: Survey on “The DOOH market in France” – DISPLAYCE 2017