The magic of Christmas is upon us and with it the hustle and bustle of shopping centers. For advertisers looking to capitalize on this crucial period, Displayce offers a unique opportunity to display DOOH campaigns within the busiest malls and shopping centers thanks to its exclusive partnership with MyTraffic. 

Identify the shopping centers with the highest footfall over Christmas

Of the 160 shopping centers identified, a total of 1,786 screens are made available to advertisers, all located in areas with an average 35% increase in the number of visitors from the general public.

Displayce now provides its users with specific segments linked to events. Christmas is no exception.

The recent integration of MyTraffic, our trusted partner for location insights about malls and their catchment areas, has enabled us to analyze malls footfall in France. We analyzed the footfall of all French malls on the three weeks before Christmas in 2022 to highlight the busiest shopping centers for this year.

This calculation is based on an intelligent algorithm that carefully selects shopping centers with high shopper footfall. Of the 160 shopping centers identified, a total of 1,786 screens are made available to advertisers, all located in areas with an average 35% increase in the number of visitors from the general public.

This strategic concentration guarantees maximum visibility for DOOH campaigns over the Christmas period. This segment offers media agencies and advertisers the opportunity to take part in the excitement of Christmas and reach a wide range of potential consumers.

Target specific events with Displayce

Access to this segment is just a click away, making targeting much simpler for advertisers. Unlike usual, there is no slider to use to refine the traffic. The segment is already available in Insight Explorer’s Targeting section, under Events. Displayce therefore only provides the best possible malls, eliminating any risk of error for its users.

In this crucial Christmas period, Displayce’s MyTraffic audience segment is a strategic opportunity for advertisers looking to reach a large audience. With simplified set-up and careful location selection, this feature offers a powerful solution for maximizing the impact of your DOOH campaigns.

At Displayce, we understand the challenges media agencies face when crafting DOOH propositions for multiple media owners while meeting their clients’ unique requirements. Predicting the performance of DOOH non guaranteed campaigns within a Private Marketplace (PMP) environment, encompassing various key metrics such as impression volumes, average CPMs, and a balanced location reach of ad frames is challenging. The objective is to provide accurate forecasts for these activation metrics across multiple publishers and points of sales.

Displayce has responded to this problem by deploying Insight Explorer – an intuitive interface offering enhanced forecasts based on in-house machine learning algorithms and a five-step process for easily creating, exploring, forecasting and sharing cross-publishers DOOH activations. 

Our emphasis on data visibility, interactive maps, clear insights, and dashboards simplifies the decision-making process, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

You can now build your data-driven DOOH campaign, forecast performances and share results with clients for improved revenues. 

Displayce - geozones

Displayce Insight Explorer: the answer to forecasting DOOH activation performances.

The main challenge facing media agencies is to forecast the key performances of DOOH campaigns in a Private Marketplace (PMP) setting, which includes important metrics like impression volumes, average CPMs, and frame locations. The goal is to deliver precise predictions for these campaign metrics across multiple publishers and points of sales.

In response to this challenge, Displayce has launched Insight Explorer, emphasizing the ease with which data can be used, explored and shared for building data-driven DOOH activations.

1. Streamlined and efficient collaboration

Access easy sharing, in-depth campaign analysis, and improved workflow for better campaign management and optimization with clients.

Insight link

You can share your campaign to clients and planners in read-only mode so they can explore data and forecasts beforehand. Demonstrate insights and increase your conversions. Benefit from: 

  • Data visualization to navigate through your proposal. You have access to an interactive map where you can navigate and identify your frames in detail. 
  • Clear insights and dashboards to understand the potential of a campaign, arbitrate the selection of advertising networks, provide quality recommendations before the launch of a campaign and/or optimize results during the campaign. 

Overall, this approach simplifies the decision-making process. 

insight link for read only with clients

Intuitive line item builder

We are providing a 5-step method that focuses on creating the right location and audience for a campaign. 

  1. Setup: easily define your budget and timeline.
  2. Targeting: Harness the power of advanced data targeting modules to build precise  audience and location segments.
  3. Buying: easily buy with a multi-deals capacity across multiple publishers.
  4. Creative: manage creatives that are tailored to specific points of sale, ensuring a more targeted and efficient approach. 
  5. Publish: Ensure everything is in order before going live.

A status tracking feature for each line item has been added, providing real-time insights into your campaigns at any time.

2. Enhanced forecasts for predictive campaign results

Our advanced forecasting tool delivers accurate predictions, powered by our proprietary in-house machine learning algorithm. This cutting-edge technology dynamically calculates impressions and CPM on a per-frame basis for every hour of the week. Adjust your targeting parameters and witness real-time updates as your forecasts adapt instantly to the changes, providing you with unparalleled control and precision in your decision-making process.

Displayce - forecast

3. Advanced targeting by building custom audience and location segment

Our 5 steps process places data at the heart of buying with an advanced foundation of audience and segments. It is easy to justify your DOOH activation campaign by building segments with different publishers, POS, demographics, frames and so on.

Improved map & creatives features

  • You can now draw polygons directly on the map to include or exclude zones. 
  • The map now offers new legends, more frame details, an expanded map, the incorporation of more layers for a richer visual experience.
polygon - displayce

Reliable data sources

  • Mytraffic data is now integrated so you can increase the impact of RTB campaigns by activating data from shopping centers and catchment areas. 
  • Import and manage multiple POS (point of sales) within one campaign. This is particularly useful for the retail sector. Media agencies often have to manage complex campaigns involving multiple points of sale. Displayce offers advanced targeting capabilities that simplifies the planning and execution of advertising campaigns for retail companies.

Please note that from November, 3rd 2023, old campaigns using the previous UI won’t be editable. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Displayce demand-side platform, please get in touch with our team