JCDecaux SE (Euronext Paris: DEC), the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, announces the launch of the first global airport programmatic DOOH offer, a first-of-its-kind solution that empowers brands and agencies to execute targeted, dynamic and contextualised advertising campaigns effortlessly across JCDecaux’s programmatic-enabled airports through the VIOOH SSP (Supply Side Platform) and more than 30 DSPs (Demand Side Platform), including Displayce where it’s already available.

The sheer scale of this programmatic offer provides brands and agencies access to more than 70 million monthly passengers and over 2 billion impressions across a network of over 3,000 screens operated by JCDecaux in major airports worldwide, including 15 of the busiest ones as a start (in the US in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Miami, in Europe in London Heathrow, Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Paris-Orly, Milan-Malpensa, Brussels and Milan-Linate, as well as in Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Macau) (1).

With this unique solution developed by the International Programmatic Council (IPC) at JCDecaux, advertisers gain maximum brand exposure on a global scale thanks to unprecedented access to highly sought-after audiences in a premium environment, while guaranteeing brands transparency and a safe environment in the delivery of their campaigns. This vast reach, combined with JCDecaux’s innovative technology, allows advertisers to engage with their target audiences at critical touchpoints throughout their journey, from departure to arrival, with the right message at the right place and at the right time.

With decades of experience in the outdoor advertising industry, JCDecaux is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity. The new international programmatic offer reinforces its leading position in the industry, highlighting a commitment to creating better advertising campaigns that are more accessible, flexible, and impactful.

This product is an ongoing development, with a dedicated focus on continuous improvement. In the coming months, JCDecaux plans to introduce new features such as airport data targeting, further enhancing the product’s capabilities and providing advertisers with even more powerful tools for their campaigns.

We are thrilled to unveil the first global programmatic DOOH offer in airports including 15 of the busiest ones as a start, a game-changing solution for advertisers seeking seamless campaign execution. In a period of major changes within the digital ecosystem, this pioneering offering guarantees high-performance contextualised campaigns and marks a significant milestone in the outdoor advertising industry, enabling brands and agencies to tap into the immense potential of programmatic advertising in the airport environment.”

Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and co-CEO of JCDecaux

Read press release on JCDecaux’ website.

In the dynamic programmatic Digital-out-of-Home (pDOOH) landscape, where context and places matter for effective brand activations, location-based insights are key to monitor campaign’s performances. Discover how our location report, redesigned and released on February 13th, delivers seamless location-based insights to monitor your DOOH campaigns and take actions.

Unveiling Enhanced Location Reports for DOOH Campaigns

We have improved our Location reports, providing enhanced map and dashboards to provide seamless decision-making capabilities, empowering users to analyze, reallocate budgets, and adjust targeting based on diverse geographical locations.

Explore the essential features designed to optimize your DOOH campaigns for location-based success:

  • Clearer geospatial visualization: With a revamped map and dashboard, we provide a clearer depiction of campaign performance and spend across specific locations, empowering advertisers to make data-driven campaigns optimisation.
  • Granular location insights: Navigate into campaign performance by filtering the map to visualize geozones by screens, spent, impressions, CPM Imp, plays and CPM plays to identify optimization opportunities tailored to each location. Explore detailed insights by zones and identify the most or less active areas. 
  • Tailored location analysis: Customize your analysis by narrowing down results based on specific criteria such as line items, venue types, countries/regions/cities, creatives and publishers. This tailored approach allows for precise optimization strategies aligned with each location’s unique characteristics.
  • Efficient location integration: Streamline your workflow by exporting targeted screens directly from Reports by Location. This seamless integration with external tools and systems enhances collaboration and extends the reach of your DOOH campaigns.

Monitoring Multi-Countries or Cities Campaigns at Scale

If you oversee a campaign spanning multiple countries or cities, here’s how the ‘Reports by Location’ tab can assist you:

  • Once the campaign is underway, utilize the ‘Reports by Location’ tab to gain insights into the distribution of budget across various regions. By utilizing the interactive map, you can pinpoint which locations are receiving the most attention and identify areas where adjustments may be needed.
  • During the campaign broadcast, leverage real-time data to make informed adjustments. Analyze spending breakdowns and performance metrics by geographical zones to make strategic decisions on reallocating budgets. For example, if certain regions are underperforming or others show promising potential, you can adapt budget allocations accordingly to enhance effectiveness.
target by region - displayce
  • Export Targeted Screens for Review. Directly export targeted screens from the Location Report tab to provide comprehensive insights to relevant parties. This not only promotes transparency but also enables you or third parties to thoroughly assess and comprehend the geographical performance of the campaign.

Displayce’s latest platform update represents a significant advancement in location-based optimization for DOOH campaigns. By leveraging clearer visuals, granular insights, streamlined navigation, and efficient integration, advertisers can maximize the impact of their campaigns in specific locations.

If you don’t have a Displayce account yet, feel free to request a demo.

The magic of Christmas is upon us and with it the hustle and bustle of shopping centers. For advertisers looking to capitalize on this crucial period, Displayce offers a unique opportunity to display DOOH campaigns within the busiest malls and shopping centers thanks to its exclusive partnership with MyTraffic. 

Identify the shopping centers with the highest footfall over Christmas

Of the 160 shopping centers identified, a total of 1,786 screens are made available to advertisers, all located in areas with an average 35% increase in the number of visitors from the general public.

Displayce now provides its users with specific segments linked to events. Christmas is no exception.

The recent integration of MyTraffic, our trusted partner for location insights about malls and their catchment areas, has enabled us to analyze malls footfall in France. We analyzed the footfall of all French malls on the three weeks before Christmas in 2022 to highlight the busiest shopping centers for this year.

This calculation is based on an intelligent algorithm that carefully selects shopping centers with high shopper footfall. Of the 160 shopping centers identified, a total of 1,786 screens are made available to advertisers, all located in areas with an average 35% increase in the number of visitors from the general public.

This strategic concentration guarantees maximum visibility for DOOH campaigns over the Christmas period. This segment offers media agencies and advertisers the opportunity to take part in the excitement of Christmas and reach a wide range of potential consumers.

Target specific events with Displayce

Access to this segment is just a click away, making targeting much simpler for advertisers. Unlike usual, there is no slider to use to refine the traffic. The segment is already available in Insight Explorer’s Targeting section, under Events. Displayce therefore only provides the best possible malls, eliminating any risk of error for its users.

In this crucial Christmas period, Displayce’s MyTraffic audience segment is a strategic opportunity for advertisers looking to reach a large audience. With simplified set-up and careful location selection, this feature offers a powerful solution for maximizing the impact of your DOOH campaigns.