Real-time buying only on DOOH panels over weighted by the target

as soon as the UV index was above 3


Gain awareness through an ultra-targeted device

Location –

Belgium, targeting major cities


Robert & Marien; JCDecaux, Clear Channel; VIOOH, Broadsign

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The Foundation against Cancer plays an important role in three domains : scientific progress, support for patients and their families, and screening and prevention.

In this campaign, the Foundation against Cancer and Robert&Marien programmatically purchased DOOH screens from JCDecaux and Clear Channel Belgium. Targeting on the Displayce DSP allowed the selection, in pre-bid, of a UV index trigger (index of 3 or above)

Screens were bought only when UV index was reached in real time. This campaign was specifically viewable between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m, when sun rays were the strongest.

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Press release – Bordeaux, July 5, 2022 – DISPLAYCE, a leading Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) company specialising in the purchase and optimisation of digital outdoor advertising campaigns (DOOH), announced today a strategic alliance, including the acquisition of a majority stake by JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company.

The young Bordeaux-based company, created in 2014 and dedicated to the purchase and optimisation of DOOH campaigns, is the leading French programmatic platform in terms of technology, know-how, and inventory with more than 600,000 connected digital screens in more than 50 countries (France, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, among others).

A forerunner in its sector in the DOOH, the media with the second highest growth after mobile advertising, DISPLAYCE offers European marketers (Publicis, Havas, Dentsu, Jellyfish, Matterkind, etc.) real-time purchase of advertising space on digital panels from more than 350 advertising agencies around the world.

Driven by its strong desire to transform the DOOH market, DISPLAYCE has been involved with national and international players (DPAA, IAB, etc.) since its launch. Today, it is connected to the main DOOH Supply-Side Platforms (“SSPs”) in the market (BROADSIGN, VIOOH, VISTAR MEDIA), allowing access to the premium inventories of the largest OOH companies (Clearchannel, JCDecaux, Mediatransports, etc.). It has also established strategic and trustworthy partnerships over the past 8 years, both on the technological side and the data side (Adsquare, Happydemics, etc.). DISPLAYCE offers media buying, enriched with advanced targeting, and efficiency measurement thanks to its Data Management Platform (DMP) designed specifically for OOH.

This transaction will give DISPLAYCE the means to increase its international development. From September 2022, DISPLAYCE plans to accelerate its growth in Europe.

Within this partnership, DISPLAYCE will keep its operating autonomy and its founding shareholders will be holding shares alongside JCDecaux. The company will continue to be managed by Laure Malergue (CEO), Marie Gaestel (VP Sales) and Hayssam Soueidan (Chief Technology Officer).

Laure Malergue, Founder of DISPLAYCE: “In addition to accelerating our international deployment, we are delighted to consolidate our strategic alliance with JCDecaux. The digital transformation that the group is undergoing demonstrates once again its capacity for innovation and its leadership. We share common values, based on cooperation, high standards and excellence, and we are convinced of the benefits of this strategic alliance for both our companies and for the market in general. Last July, we launched together the very first programmatic DOOH campaign in France, via the SSP “VIOOH” which has proved to be very promising for the market. From a more operational point of view, we will continue to operate from our headquarters in Bordeaux, with our growing team. Keeping our agility and autonomy is important as they have been the strength of DISPLAYCE for 8 years, allowing us to offer innovative products in line with the new needs of the industry.”

DISPLAYCE was advised by NINE58 Advisors during this transaction, with DS Avocats acting as legal counsel.

The new partnership brings the broadest range of Adsquare´s privacy-friendly data to advertisers in Europe.

Paris, 27 June 2022 – Displayce is a European programmatic DOOH DSP designed to optimise the purchase, impact, and quality of DOOH campaigns. Thanks to this platform, agencies can access the largest DOOH inventory in Europe consisting of more than 650,000 screens, and run their campaigns in real-time on premium DOOH formats, targeted environments, and audiences at scale.

With this partnership, Displayce is now offering marketers in Europe the broadest range of Adsquare´s mobile data solutions ever integrated into a DSP, including the pre-bid activation of audience segments and live footfall measurement. Adsquare´s data covers a wide spectrum of verticals and more than 1,000 segments that can now be activated self-service via Displayce. Furthermore, the integration allows advertisers to build on-demand segments and activate them pre-bid.

By combining mobile audience data with SDK-derived background location data, Adsquare´s technology calculates index values for each DOOH screen and ranks the inventory according to relevance. The index calculation is based on the ratio between all users seen around DOOH screens and the desired audience and recalculated for every hour of the week. With the API integration between Displayce and Adsquare, advertisers can make use of the Forecast functionality of Displayce, visualising DOOH panels and dayparts, and determining their desired index scoring. The index scoring can be adjusted to optimise the campaign reach in real-time, according to the volume of impressions delivered. In short, buyers can monitor consumers’ behaviour live and target panels that have a high propensity of reaching the desired audiences. 

To offer a comprehensive experience, the integration between Displayce and Adsquare allows also to measure performance in real-time, directly on the Displayce platform, for maximum budget optimisation.

The integration is already live in France, Belgium, and Spain and will be deployed in Germany, the UK, and the US in the next few weeks.

Kevan Abdoli, GM France, and Benelux comments: “We are proud to enhance our offering by adding Displayce to our list of trusted partners. Thanks to this partnership, marketers are able to apply Adsquare segments to any programmatic DOOH campaign in a privacy-compliant manner. We are offering advertisers the benefit to target consumers in the physical world with high precision and to measure the impact of their campaigns in terms of store visits, all on one platform.

Laure Malergue, CEO at Displayce says: “Marketers are searching for privacy-friendly and data-driven solutions to streamline the planning, activation and measurement of their DOOH campaigns. Adsquare perfectly complements Displayce´s context-centric solutions with powerful real-time tools, helping advertisers achieve advanced targeting and measurement and finally, maximum ROAS.”