Meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation, DMEXCO will happen September 12-13, 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Each year, DMEXCO brings together more than 50,000 visitors, 1,100 exhibitors, and 500 speakers from around the world.


DISPLAYCE will be present on Hall 6.1 N#E20.

For the occasion, the team will present its new functions and features to european markets. After recently injecting some AI into its programmatic platform, DISPLAYCE optimises the buying, impact and quality of DOOH campaigns.


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First competition of creators of companies on TV and radio, the BFM Academy has been launched its 13th season this year. They were 500 to apply for, 64 of them passed the castings in 5 big cities of France, 12 were in top selection and only 4 were in Final including us!


DISPLAYCE comes third!

Last June 25th, we defended our projects in front of experts at the time of the BFM Academy Final. You were a lot to vote for us and thanks to your support, DISPLAYCE came third to this prestigious contest. Then… Thank you a LOT!!

To watch the replay of the Final: OVER THERE.
To follow the program: THIS WAY.

Following several years of R&D, DISPLAYCE allows DOOH campaign obstacles to be overcome by injecting some AI into its programmatic platform! Access France’s widest inventory in just one click and profit from advanced technology to optimise the performance of your most complex campaigns and reap the benefit of a network of premium screens.


BUY better | CONTROL quality | OPTIMISE your KPIs | MEASURE outperformance



Ecrans premium1. PREMIUM SCREENS
Enjoy the benefit of premium quality, thanks to a new selection of digital posters and billboards, combining a high-impact format + high-quality environment + wide audience.

Specify exclusive or priority time slots for running your campaigns, to create an extra push at key times of day.

Ecrans premium3. KPI OPTIMISATION
Get the benefit, in just one click, of a selection of screens with the highest level of impact to meet your objectives, then measure the improvement in your KPIs.

Automatically adapt your video to suit 18 different formats in just a few seconds, for a perfect match with all digital screens.




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First competition of creators of companies on TV and radio, the BFM Academy launched this year its 13th season. They were 500 to apply for, 64 of them passed the castings in 5 big cities of France, 12 were in top selection and only 4 are in Final… including us!!


DISPLAYCE cross its fingers to win the Final!

We are very proud to announce you our selection in the BFM Academy’s Final. See you on June 25, 2018 for the result! We will need you to support us in this very important moment in our start-up’s life.


Few words on the competition by the BFM Academy team:

They are in their thirties on average and are more than invested in their project which began on a corner of the living room table.
They all have common points:

  • All of them have an incredible determination
  • All of them doubt, but none throw in the towel
  • All of them work 35 hours a day
  • All of them are business creators, so they create wealth and jobs
  • And no one complains. Never!

They are on the “light side of the Force” and also every week in BFM Academy.

To follow the program: THIS WAY.

DISPLAYCE integrates into its inventory a new screens’ network: digital posters of the Paris’ shop windows.


Take advantage of strategic locations with a high audience, such as pedestrian areas, busy boulevards, bus stops to capture your target’s attention.

With an estimated audience of nearly 7 million contacts per month, be visible in the Paris’ streets and increase your notoriety, sales,…

With this new network of screens, DISPLAYCE has more than 38,000 digital posters, i.e. more than 85% of the French digital inventory.


Want to test this new screens’ network? CLICK HERE

Held by Le Monde Informatique, the Grand Prix of the Digital Enterprise named “France Entreprise Digital” has just launched its 4th edition. The good news: DISPLAYCE has been chosen to compete in the Digital Transformation category!


We need you!

Until May 24, 2018, Internet users vote for the most innovative French digital and IT projects. The results will come out the day after at the Viva Technology show on the HPE stand (FED 2018 sponsor). You understood, it is thanks to your support that we have a chance to be elected, so at your clicks, it is by THIS WAY!


France Entreprise Digital: celebrate those who make, invent and advance

Every year, France Entreprise Digital highlights and rewards projects in private or public companies that best embody the values ​​of innovation and transformation through three categories: “Best Start-Up Project”, “Best Transformation Project” and “Grand Prix”. Project leaders benefit from the valuable support of the 14 partner regional IT clubs.

For the second year, DISPLAYCE will be taking part from 06 to 08 June 2018 in the 59th Congress of the FEPE to be held at the Hilton Sorrento Palace (Sorrento, Italy).


What is FEPE?

Founded in 1959, FEPE International is the only global Out of Home association, working to promote and improve the OOH industry on behalf of his members (JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Exterion, Ströer, OUTFRONT Media et oOh!Media). Annually, the association organizes a congress around outdoor advertising, with the support of experts and professionals.


Why participate?

Annually, the event allows participants to meet other outdoor advertising players and gain full visibility of this ever-changing environment.

With nearly 300 delegates expected, the Congress will undoubtedly be a key event for outdoor advertising professionals. On the program: conferences, the announcement of the 2018 FEPE Creative Awards and a full exhibition space.


Want to meet us?

You will be also at the FEPE and want to say hello?

To schedule an appointment together or exchange with us before you go, do not hesitate to contact us: or


To know more about the event: THIS WAY.

In this interview, Hayssam Soueidan talks to us about the tens of thousands of calculations carried out a day, computational biology and lots of other incredible, fascinating topics.



Hayssam, what’s motivating for you in this job?

I’ve always really loved multidisciplinary approaches for solving problems in an efficient, logical way. Even in my student days, I was already fascinated by the idea of tackling each project using a scientific approach. In fact, I did a Master’s degree in Complex Systems Engineering at the University of Bordeaux 1. I learnt how to write specifications in mathematical language to talk to a system. That lets us ensure the critical components behave as envisaged, thus avoiding bugs!


What did you opt for next?

Fate led me back to school, but on the other side this time, as a teacher. I taught at the University of Bordeaux 1 and the ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Bordeaux for 5 years as a specialist in biomathematics, bioinformatics and computational biology in particular. At the same time, I prepared and presented a bioinformatics thesis on “Discrete event modelling and analysis for systems biology models”. In summary, the use of computer resources in the modelling and analysis of biological processes such as wine-making.


Amsterdam, a particularly memorable experience?

Absolutely! I worked on it for 4 years. I joined the Molecular Carcinogenesis Division. My work consisted of collecting data to characterise processes involved in the development of auto-immune diseases. We were attached to a clinic that used our results to get a more detailed understanding of what was wrong with its patients.


Then back to Bordeaux.

Exact! For 2 years, I worked as a Data Scientist at Jobijoba, an employment search engine. I developed job vacancy and CV analysis tools for matching the two together. It involved Artificial Intelligence that would scan the CV to extract key information and thus find corresponding job vacancies. I then spent a year working as a Big Data Project Manager and Consultant at Scalian (a Project Support Services company that specialises in consulting and engineering). I developed other innovative Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for the major accounts.


DISPLAYCE, new challenge ?

Since October 2017, yes! In short, my role consists of automating intelligence in the programmatic platform. I set up algorithms to characterise the digital screens in the DISPLAYCE inventory as best as possible and understand both the context in which they are located and also what the people do who pass by these screens. The DISPLAYCE inventory includes 35,000 digital screens, i.e. over 85% of France’s complete digital inventory. That’s quite a playing field! I also run R&D projects to assess and quantify the quality of these screens. And then I model all that so the agencies and advertisers who use the platform can make the best decisions when planning a campaign.


What does that mean in practical terms?

For example, we worked for a property developer who wanted to promote their new schemes. We ran a two-stage campaign with investors in the AB+ socio-economic group and then a promotional campaign near to the property schemes themselves. The campaign was shown on all screens in locations on the target groups’ commuter routes (home and workplace), with an extra boost in areas where there is a high AB+ representation. And in terms of results, total distribution was between 2.9 and 3.5 million, with 7 million impressions amongst the campaign’s core target. The advertiser’s budget was optimised, and targeting was refined thanks to optimisation criteria that allowed intelligent selection decisions to be made in regard to the campaign.


What drives you on at DISPLAYCE?

I love working with all the teams to really understand their needs, their line of business and their objectives. In my view, that’s the only way to really get to grips with all the functional, business and technical challenges of the projects we are developing together. We include data at each stage of the value proposition. The platform is teeming with innovations and we work every day on new features and functions to make it increasingly precise and effective. We enable trading desks, advertisers and agencies to facilitate distribution of their campaigns on digital screens, while optimising their budgets, ensuring distribution is very precisely targeted, with campaigns activated in under 24 hours. Speed and relevance are two things I really like!


Can you tell us about the main projects on which you are working?

One of the main challenges we’re tackling at the moment is how to characterise indoor screens in detail. That would let us know to a high degree of accuracy all about the environment in which a digital screen is located, to know which chains and brands are nearby, and the volume of passers-by per day, per hour etc. The idea is to create hierarchical links between the different points of interest and POS to compare all this data and increasingly refine campaign targeting. One of the other key focuses we’re working on continually is real time. We carry out calculations tens of thousands of times every day to enable us to achieve a response time of less than 50 milliseconds. That’s absolutely fascinating!


DISPLAYCE, first DSP dedicated to DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home), reveals the second part of its series of infographics in French on “Le DOOH en France”. Based on a survey conducted among a panel of 200 active users of the platform*, as well as statistics disseminated by the IAB, Mad conseil or IPG Media Lab, this infographic aims to deliver some key figures on this growing media.


The fastest growing media

With a 16.1% increase in net advertising revenue in 2017, DOOH is leading other media outlets, ahead of the Internet (+ 12%) and TV (+ 1%). Radio, OOH (Out-of-home excluding digital) and press show a drop of up to -7.4% according to the figures announced by the Irep, France Pub and Kantar Media.


A revenue perspective rising sharply

With revenue generated of 125 million euros in 2017 and a forecast of 223 million euros in 2019, the study “Entertainment and Media Outlook France” from PwC confirms the upward trend of planned investments in DOOH.


DOOH seduces!

According to a recent survey conducted by DISPLAYCE, 68% of advertisers said that DOOH increases their notoriety, 64% that it serves to increase the generation of traffic at the point of sale and 40% that it makes it possible to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Key assets for this innovative media, whose share will double in media plans in 2018.


*Statistical data from a survey conducted by DISPLAYCE from October 16 to November 15, 2017 among 200 active users of the platform. Survey conducted via an interactive form sent by email on “The DOOH market in France”.


LiveRamp and DISPLAYCE come together to increase the targeting performance of DOOH campaigns!


DISPLAYCE, 1st DSP dedicated to DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) announces its collaboration with LiveRamp, OnBoarding data leader, company of the Acxiom group. This association allows to combine the wealth of data and programmatic flexibility to refine the qualification of digital panels when targeting campaigns.


Thanks to this collaboration, advertisers can connect to the DSP (Demand Side Platform) DISPLAYCE, select socio-demographic or behavioral criteria from Acxiom and activate this target on the 35,000 digital panels of the DISPLAYCE inventory. The platform then determines all the most relevant screens, which will touch the heart of the target throughout the day. This marks a new step in DOOH targeting with the possibility directly activating a common and unique data on 85% of French digital screens, whether they are located in shopping centers, the street, hotels, fitness rooms…


Thanks to multiple connections of LiveRamp, the Acxiom data expert offers agencies and advertises the opportunity to target with the available segments. Adults, only, couples, urban youth, rural couples, wealthy families, retired people in peri-urban areas.All these criteria allow advertisers great personalization for a finer targeting and a strengthened impact.

“This is the first time we are distributing data sets on the DOOH media. DISPLAYCE’s extensive inventory and technology complement our expertise and we are delighted by this collaboration, which already seems to appeal to many advertisers, agencies and traders.” says Vihan Sharma, Managing Director of LiveRamp in France.


Last January, L’Occitane en Provence, cosmetics brand, launched a campaign highlighting its best-seller, the hand cream Shea. A drive-to-store operation targeting CSP + in all major cities in France.

“We have activated Acxiom’s data via LiveRamp on the DSP DISPLAYCE in order to only broadcast our campaign on digital panels near our target and our stores. A great visibility for the brand. The campaign generated more than 6 million impressions exclusively from our target audience.” adds Camille Feuvrier, Acquisition and Media Online Europe Manager at L’Occitane.


“Our collaboration with LiveRamp allow us to always bring more performance, innovation and value to the marketing actions of our customers. We are delighted to have a globally recognized partner that allows for highly accurate targeting. Our customers are becoming more relevant by displaying their campaigns on screens that overweight their target audience only.” adds Marie Gaestel, VP Sales at DISPLAYCE.

Read the press release (French)


This month, DISPLAYCE launches the Ad-review, the first ad-verification reporting that measures the media quality of your DOOH campaigns.


The goal? 

The Ad-review gives you statistical data and a qualitative assessment of your campaigns by automatically auditing a percentage of the screen distribution in the field.


What criteria?
– Image quality
– The relevance of the context
– The intelligibility of the message
– Targeting the audience

Here are some examples of questions asked in situ: “Did you understand the message of the spot?”, “Is the screen cleared?”, “Is the animation of the spot fluid?”…


DISPLAYCE has developed a unique methodology for selecting screens to audit, collecting field information and analyzing this data in order to restore a quality score of the campaigns. This is the result of a year of R&D and campaign history where more than 50% of our campaigns have been audited.



The results can be viewed in real time in your “reporting” tab. A global score of the campaign is displayed and you have access to the detail of the reporting in one click: results of the answers to each question, access to all the photos taken in the field, details of the statistics collected by context, typology, time, date…


How to activate it?

The Ad-review is an option that can be activated directly from your space, on all campaigns that broadcast on more than 25 PODs and over a period of at least 7 days. The results can be viewed in real time from your “reporting” tab. You can therefore at any time consult the data related to your campaign.


The price?

Invoicing is done at the CPM. Easy, right?
What if you tested the Ad-Review for your next DOOH campaigns? Do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you have any questions. No interlocutor yet? Click here to get in touch with our team.

DISPLAYCE adds a new network to its platform: dynamic display totems located in luxury ski resorts.


Enjoy this season to take the opportunity of targeting mountain lovers inside their holiday accommodation with your adds. As the screens are located inside luxury resorts you will be touching an audience that mostly belong to the upper socio-professional category.

With the ski template it was already possible to target holidaymakers around the resorts with this new network though, DISPLAYCE’s solution reinforces the possibility of creating a customized ski campaign!



Example of device:

Setting up a campaign targeting mountain lovers CSP + during the season from 24/02 to 10/03


36 hotels

151 200 potential Plays

216 216 potential impressions


Test directly in your space.

With 72 billion euros and growth of 15% *, sales on the internet give prominence. The ease of access to the product, the means of comparison ultra fast or the gain of time convince each year always more French.


However, physical stores remain a safe bet in the purchasing process, according to a Cetelem/Harris Interactive survey conducted in January 2018 with a panel of more than 1,000 consumers.

Useful, reassuring and entertaining place, the physical store continues to seduce young and old. 62% of e-shoppers go at least once a week to a big store**.

E-commerce friends, we have 3 tips to distill you to reassure your audience, mark your physical presence even if you do not have a store and create commitment!

*Source: Fevad – The key figures 2017
**Web-to-store barometer – BVA for Mappy – 2017

Download the business case.

DISPLAYCE, first DSP dedicated to DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home), reveals the first part of its series of infographics in French on “The DOOH in France”. Based on a survey conducted among a panel of 200 active users of the platform*, as well as statistics disseminated by the IAB, Mad conseil or IPG Media Lab, this infographic aims to deliver some key figures on this media which growing.


DOOH, what is it?
The DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) is the advertising broadcast on digital posters outside the home. Integrated into the urban landscape, such as the street, gas stations, highways, shopping centers, hotels, fitness rooms, 40,000 digital posters accompany consumers in their daily journeys throughout the day.

The highest growth in 2017
According to an IREP study, the DOOH is the highest growth media in 2017. With 85 million of euro in advertising revenue for the period January/September 2017, the DOOH shows +15.5% growth, placing it at the head of historical media such as TV, radio, press, cinema…

An impacting media
For 85% of consumers surveyed, digital posters help to improve the brand image. Appreciated by consumers, it is also popular with advertisers attracted by its many strengths: the innovative video content that it can broadcast, the high rate of memorization observed, commitment to targets in full mobility.


Did you know?
DISPLAYCE has a large network of 35,000 digital posters, more than 85% of the French digital inventory!


*Statistical data from a survey conducted by DISPLAYCE from October 16 to November 15, 2017 among 200 active users of the platform. Survey conducted via an interactive form sent by email on “The DOOH market in France”.


To read the press release (French), click here.


Last November, DISPLAYCE launched a major survey to collect data about DOOH’s French market situation. The study was conducted with 200 active users of the platform and permitted to collect several key data on both the actual use of DOOH in media planning and opportunities for 2018.


DOOH has and will be popular in 2018! It is expected that DOOH’s presence in media planning will grow by 54%. Traders surveyed claimed that DOOH represented 11% in actual media planning and that this number will grow up to 18% in 2018. Since many years we are observing a steady growth in this market and the trend seems unlikely to reverse.


DOOH attracts with its numerous advantageous features such as its capacity to increase brand-recognition (68%) or to generate traffic via drive to store mechanisms (64%). DOOH is also appreciated because it gives the ability to stand out from competitors using an innovative media (40%).




Source: Survey on “The DOOH market in France” – DISPLAYCE 2017

DISPLAYCE now offers an innovative functionality: templates, a wide range of pre-defined targeting that allow to set up a campaign within a few clicks.


Templates are available directly after creating a new campaign in the “BY CAMPAIGN” tab or by adding a new line item to an already existing one. When the template is loaded, the selected targeting will automatically appear in your line item. You will be able to modify it to adapt perfectly to your advertiser’s specific demands.
[Case study] The ski template
This template allows you to target mountain lovers during their holidays in ski resorts.
1. Geo-localization: all French ski regions (the Alps, Pyrenees, Auvergne etc..)
2. Point of Interest: 30 km Radius around Ski stations


Try it now! Log in to your space.

This week, we welcome 3 new recruits and are still looking for new profiles to complete our team.


Welcome aboard!

Paul Simon, our new Product Manager, homonym of a famous singer.
Renaud, Senior Full Stack Developer, our second homonym in the French song category
Simon, Junior Marketing Product Manager or known as “the man with the golden and silky hair” (proof in picture here)


We always recruit!

Do you like the world of technology?
Do you like challenges?
You want to join a team that aims to evolve quickly?

We recruit a Business Developer France on CDI in Paris (offer in French), a Senior Full Stack Developer on CDI in Bordeaux (offer in French), a Junior Full Stack Developer on CDI in Bordeaux (offer in French) and a Junior Full Stack Developer on internship in Bordeaux (offer in French).

Want to try?


DOOH not hesitate 😉

Check available offers here  (French) and send your application (CV and cover letter) to



The entire DISPLAYCE team wishes you a wonderful, an incredible year 2018!

In the absence of having made good resolutions concerning our addiction to coffee and puns, we intend to attack this new year with ever more new features on the platform and innovative campaigns as much as successful.


See you soon! 😉
The Displayce team

Irep, Kantar media and France Pub announce the latest result of the media advertising market, the study was undertaken over a 9-month time span from January to September 2017.


The 3 quarters of 2017 show a drop-in ad revenues for traditional medias: Radio: – 4,2%, TV: -0,3%, National dailies: -9,4%, Magazine: -11,1%.

Only 3 media are standing out having a substantial growth: Cinema +11,7%, Leaflets without addresses +2,8% and… Digital display with + 15,5%! This trend observed since several quarters allows this media to reach 85 million euros in advertising in the period January – September 2017. To this growth, we must add the increase in the number of advertisers (+2% between January – September 2016 and the same given period in 2017).

This positive dynamic augur a great acceleration for digital display in 2018.


To see the whole study: CLICK HERE (FRENCH)


This month, DISPLAYCE launches a new feature on its platform: an interactive map allowing instant visualization of the reporting of its campaigns!


How does it work?

This new function is available by clicking on the “REPORT” tab and then “BY CAMPAIGN”. A filter system allows you to select different types of display screens, broadcasting context, line items, point of interest (hotspot) and point of sales to visualize in a single map its reporting in an detailed and visual way.

Want to try?

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DISPLAYCE, the leading DSP (Demand Side Platform) dedicated to DOOH digital display, has incorporated in its platform IMP MULTIPLY, a standard developed by DPAA, the leading global organization for everything digital out of home. The platform will make it easier to calculate the audience reached by a campaign appearing on digital screens. This standard allows the automated purchasing protocols developed for the Web to be adapted to one of the major features of DOOH. A key development in the worldwide DOOH market!


Standards to support the growth of DOOH

Last April, thanks to dynamic exchanges within its ecosystem and meaningful collaboration with Prohaska Consulting, DPAA made available to the players of the DOOH sector the first set of standards for the standardization of the use of programmatics in DOOH. Modelled on the IAB Standard, the purpose of these standards is to facilitate purchasing of this medium, whose effectiveness has been undeniably demonstrated. “We are grateful to have contributed to the development of these first important standards, which encourage and support the growth of the DOOH  market worldwide by making it much easier for leading buyers, sellers, and tech firms to transact,” said Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting.


DISPLAYCE, a pioneer in integrating the standards

DOOH advertising (PLAY) is unique in offering “one-to-many” delivery (one broadcast = multiple opportunities to see the advertisement), as opposed to the “one-to-one” delivery (one broadcast = one opportunity) of the traditional programmatics industry. IMP MULTIPLY is a coefficient that allows this feature to be taken into account. Using this new standard, publishers can now indicate, for each screen, the number of people likely to see each advertisement broadcast.

As DOOH advertising continues its strong growth across the globe, DPAA is please to help accelerate this growth with our work in developing the DPAA Programmatic Standards,” said Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA. “Programmatic trading is an important element in the advertising ecosystem and we are pleased to see its growth with innovation from DPAA Member companies like DISPLAYCE.”


An acceleration in the adoption of programmatic

“DPAA and Prohaska Consulting have done remarkable work that has accelerated the adoption of programmatic by all of those involved in DOOH. These standards, particularly IMP MULTIPLY, which we immediately incorporated into our platform, represent significant progress for the DOOH market. These standards will help us work closely with publishers to measure each screen’s audience as accurately as possible and thus lend credibility to this new medium’s advantage by offering increasingly more reliable targeting data and automated reports to trading desks”, says Laure Malergue, the Founder and CEO of DISPLAYCE.

A player in the DOOH market, DISPLAYCE will take part in the upcoming New York Digital Signage Week, from October 30th to November 3rd.  This presents an opportunity for the DSP to discuss and exchange with its American and European equivalents concerning these new standards and identify new opportunities for growth.