Beyond Boundaries: Displayce’s 2023 DOOH Chronicle

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve had in 2023. From reaching milestones to introducing groundbreaking product updates, our commitment to stay at the forefront of programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) remains untouched.

Unleashing the Global Potential of pDOOH 

Enhanced Reach in the DOOH Landscape

+1M unique digital screens worldwide

Our premium inventory expanded even further, with over 1 million screens now available worldwide. This global network empowers advertisers to connect with audiences in diverse locations and demographics.

A network of 7 supply-side platforms

We continued to strengthen partnerships, with a total of 7 SSP, including the notable addition of Phenix Digital and Place Exchange. These collaborations enhance our ability to provide advertisers with unparalleled access to premium DOOH inventory.

80 new media owners

We have strategically enhanced our global presence, forming partnerships with over 80 influential media owners. Our expansion includes the incorporation of key regions with VIOOH, such as Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia, strengthening our influence in the dynamic Asia-Pacific market. Working closely with Grandi Stazioni in Italy and VIOOH in Portugal, we’ve established a robust presence in Southern Europe, while our collaboration with Boomerang Media reinforces our position in the UK market. In Latin America, our alliances with iCo Medios, Global, and Clear Channel Outdoor have solidified our impact across the region. Collectively, these collaborations represent an impactful expansion, designed to enrich our global footprint and engage diverse audiences on a worldwide scale.

1000+ running campaigns

We achieved a remarkable milestone by reaching 1000 running campaigns throughout the year, showcasing our expertise in delivering impactful DOOH activations for our clients.

Global Expansion and Team Growth

3 office openings in London, Madrid, and Amsterdam

In a strategic move to broaden our international presence, we opened three new offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands with local teams. This expansion allows us to better serve our clients and partners in these key regions.

22 to 40 new team members

Our team has grown from 22 to 40 members – adding their skills and expertise to fuel our continued success. This growth is a testament to Displayce’s dedication to building a talented and diverse team. Check our Welcome to the Jungle brand new profile.

Doubled turnover

We experienced exceptional financial growth, doubling our turnover during the year. This accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of our pDOOH solutions and the trust our clients place in our capabilities.

Driving Impact Through Unmatched Visibility, Targeting and Forecasting

Platform redesign: Insight Explorer

We released a major shift in our solution: an intuitive interface offering a five-step process for easily creating, exploring, forecasting and sharing DOOH activations. Our emphasis on data visibility, interactive maps, clear insights, and dashboards has simplified the decision-making process, enhancing collaboration and efficiency for our clients. Among the new features, our media agencies can now create multi-publisher DOOH activations or share a campaign in read-only with their client so that they can explore targeting and potential.


Location and audience-based campaigns

Our ambition to tailoring campaigns to specific audiences based on location data has enabled us to integrate key features and partners. 

  • Targeting group and polygon management

The introduction of targeting groups and polygons to draw zones to include or exclude from a campaign provide advertisers with greater flexibility and control over targeting, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

  • DOOH Retail Media with JCDecaux and Unlimitail

Leveraging Carrefour Proximité and Monoprix data, we now offer new targeting criteria in its purchasing platform based on sales data from 400 Carrefour Proximité shops and 214 Monoprix shops in France. This exclusive data, made available by Unlimitail, enables advertisers and media agencies to trigger their campaigns in a perfectly affinitive way on the JCDecaux digital screens deployed in these convenience stores.

  • Location insights with Mytraffic

We have merged Mytraffic location insights (age, gender, households, income, catchment areas, visits) with data from over 14,400 billboards located in 215 shopping centers and their catchment areas in France, making it possible to define audience scores for each DOOH billboard every day and every hour.

  • Mobile retargeting

We partnered with Locala to enhance the synergy between mobile retargeting and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. By strategically retargeting DOOH-exposed users on mobile devices, we create a seamless and impactful brand experience. This collaboration, fueled by localized insights from Locala, ensures campaigns resonate with specific audiences, driving increased impressions per campaign. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of a tailored, cross-channel strategy that leverages the strengths of mobile retargeting and DOOH.

  • Event segment for seasonal trends

Introducing an event segment feature, we empower our clients to align their campaigns with competitive seasonality trends such as Christmas and Black Friday, ensuring maximum visibility during key moments. With simplified set-up and careful location selection, this feature offers a powerful solution for maximizing the impact of your DOOH campaigns.

  • Creatives management

Creatives can now be uploaded in bulk. Select several lines to upload your creatives at once on a maximum number of screens.

  • POS management

You can now upload specific POS, either by copy / pasting a list of coordinates, or using address and associated names. This last option is now easier with the possibility to upload a template, enter the address in the first column and give the address a name in the third column. 

We have also improved the way to manage creatives. You can assign a POS to creatives.

To sum up

In conclusion, as we wrap up 2023, we are grateful for a year of global growth and innovation. With a network surpassing 1 million screens, partnerships with seven supply-side platforms, and collaborations with 80 media owners globally, this success is a testament of our solution reputation.

Achieving milestones like 1000 running campaigns, strategic office openings, and doubling turnover wouldn’t be possible without our valued clients. Your confidence in Displayce propels us forward, and we express our sincere gratitude for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to continued success and impactful DOOH campaigns in the coming years. Thank you for choosing Displayce.