DOOH Retail Media: Displayce, in collaboration with JCDecaux and Unlimitail, activates data from Carrefour Proximité screens in its campaigns

Bordeaux, France, 15 December 2023 – Displayce, a major player in programmatic DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) in Europe, is offering new targeting criteria in its buying platform based on sales data from more than 400 Carrefour shops in France. This exclusive data, made available by Unlimitail, will enable advertisers and media agencies to trigger their campaigns in a perfectly affine manner on the JCDecaux digital screens deployed in Carrefour convenience stores.

displayce x jcdecaux x unlimitail
 dooh retail media offer

Displayce opens up its pDOOH offering to retail media thanks to the JCDecaux x Unlimitail partnership

Thanks to the partnership between JCDecaux and Unlimitail, Displayce now includes anonymized transactional data from Carrefour convenience stores, marketed exclusively by Unlimitail. This data makes it possible to identify the best selling moments for a product category in more than 80 segments (drinks, beauty, food, etc). This new flexible offering makes it possible to target, by shop and by time of day, the most affinity screens for a given product category.

Based on knowledge and analysis of in-store purchasing behavior, the data integrated into the Displayce platform is tangible and 100% anonymous (with no third-party cookies). This integration makes it possible to offer dynamic campaigns in the most affinity shops, at the best times to visit them, and according to the consumption of each product. With an overall volume of almost 2 million impressions available every day, this media activation is designed to drive performance and transformation. In this way, the advertising budget is optimally invested, with precise reporting.

Displayce’s technological innovation and media expertise have propelled the platform to become the pioneer of programmatic DOOH in Europe. The buying platform, designed to optimise the effectiveness, reach and quality of DOOH campaigns, offers media agencies instant access to over one million outdoor advertising screens worldwide. The activation of retail data for the Carrefour proximity format enables Displayce to extend its offer to retail media.

Shopper data / retail media: a unique opportunity for brands?

In France and around the world, retail media is growing steadily and is expected to reach a value of more than 175 billion dollars within five years, with a market share of almost 15%. Positioned as a retail medium centred on the shop, JCDecaux’s urban DOOH Proxi, thanks to the quality of its 2m² screens and their integration in shop windows as close as possible to shop entrances, guarantees visibility and impact for brand campaigns. The 400 points of sale equipped under the Carrefour City, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Contact and Carrefour Express banners were selected for their outperformance in relation to the chain’s average shopping basket (+40% in value) and represent more than one million customers per day. For example, during the festive season, it is possible for a FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brand to optimise the distribution of its campaign by activating the most relevant day, times and shops, based on particularly high chocolate sales, whether in terms of volume or percentage of the shopping basket.

At a time of major changes in the digital ecosystem, in particular the end of third-party cookies, choosing the DOOH Proxi urbaine offer on Carrefour screens via the Displayce platform guarantees a high-performance, visible, flexible and contextualised campaign that respects the brand’s attributes.

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