Promoting the T-mobilitat digital service for maximum impact

Explore T-mobilitat’ success story. Adsmurai and Displayce deployed a powerful DOOH campaign to promote T-mobilitat digital service in Barcelona metropolitan area for one month and to a targeted audience.

About T-mobilitat

Barcelona is currently experiencing a transport mutation, marked by the introduction of the T-mobilitat reusable transport card. This card serves as a convenient means for traveling across Barcelona city. Its primary objective is to streamline and simplify public transport accessibility. Using the T-mobilitat app makes it easier to monitor travel routes.

About Adsmurai

Adsmurai is a Spanish media agency specializing in social media marketing and advertising. They have established partnerships with leading advertising platforms and created their innovative solution, the Adsmurai Marketing Platform. It empowers advertisers to efficiently manage all their Paid Media campaigns from one centralized hub.

The campaign context

ATM, the company behind T-mobilitat, was on a mission to inform the public about their new offer, the T-mobilitat reusable card. The main goal was to gain brand awareness in a short period of time, from September 17 to October 15, 2023 and in a restricted area. As the campaign was focused on the Barcelona metropolitan area, the choice of screen was reduced to only reach the targeted audience. 

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Using programmatic DOOH for maximum impact on limited zone

The campaign was conducted by Adsmurai and Displayce. It was broadcasted on JCDecaux, Clear Channel and Global panels throughout VIOOH and Broadsign with three distinct screen categories: outdoors, malls and train stations. Through those settings, T-mobilitat diffused on 52 locations and 74 screens. They also relied on custom dayparting to adapt the campaign to the different venue types, locations and audience behaviors: 8am to 9pm and 6 or 7 days a week.

They also used precise geotargeting focused on points of interest which substantially expanded the outreach to the intended audience. Both of the tools combined allowed the campaign to have a substantial number of impressions generated. 

The results

T-mobilitat DOOH campaign reached an impressive 644 731 impressions. To truly grasp the effectiveness of this campaign, Displayce conducted two Happydemics mobile programmatic surveys, comparing the creative aspects displayed in the panel’s surroundings. According to Happydemics’ data, the campaign resulted in a significant increase of 32 points in intent and a notable 29-point enhancement in brand image. The curated selection of screens brought accuracy and relevance to the campaign as it fulfills its informative purpose to the public.

Download the success story

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