How to use pDOOH to promote Game stores as the top choice for Christmas gifts

Explore Game’ success story. Tidart and Displayce deployed a powerful DOOH campaign to promote Game stores as the top choice for Christmas gifts in Spain. 

About Game

Game is the result of numerous mergers and acquisitions during the 1990s. Today, there are over two hundred Game stores in Spain located in strategic areas. They have diversified their activities and are now experts in technology retail, particularly in new purchases, recycling, and reconditioning in various categories. They also offer electronic repair services.

About Tidart

For 8 years, Tidart has been delivering performance and results to its clients by applying innovative methods to its marketing strategies. In 2018, they joined the Kimia Group, forming an international team of over 120 specialists in technology, digital marketing, data analysis, and online traffic. To this day, they are in constant pursuit of improvement to consistently reach new milestones for their clients.

The campaign context

Game embarked on a mission to promote their store as the first destination to buy Christmas gifts throughout Spain in a brief timeframe from December 21 to January 5, 2024. Their objective was to maximize outreach and sales during this period, with a rotation of four creatives each featuring a distinct theme and by concentrating on two audiences:

  • Families and individuals celebrating Christmas
  • Gamers of all kinds, hardcore, casual, and professional, without any age limit

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Using programmatic DOOH for maximum impact in limited time

The campaign was conducted by Tidart and supported by Displayce’s DSP. It was broadcasted on JCDecaux and Clear Channel Spain panels throughout VIOOH and Broadsign, with two distinct screen categories: urban panels and malls. Through these settings, Game was displayed on 165 locations, including 236 screens, which generated 76,102 plays. They also activated mobile retargeting conducted by Locala in combination with a custom buying strategy, employing a boosted CPM and capping optimization depending on demand.

Additionally, they used precise geotargeting focused on the busiest points of interest in Madrid and Barcelona, along with an equal and strategic redistribution in other cities for national impact. They also enhanced the relevance of their venue type with specific emphasis on the most effective game stores.

The results

Game’s DOOH and mobile campaign reached an impressive 1 535 548 impressions. To truly grasp the effectiveness of this campaign, Displayce conducted two mobile programmatic surveys sent via Happydemics, comparing creatives on the display area around the panels. Data from the mobile campaign was also collected through Locala. According to Happydemics data, the campaign resulted in a significant increase of 37 points in special intent and a notable 23-point enhancement in consideration. For the mobile part, we noted an impressive click rate of 33%, resulting in 5648 clicks in retargeting.

The precise selection of screens, combined with audience data, brought accuracy and relevance to the campaign, fulfilling its goal of consideration and driving in-store traffic for their stores.