How to help Dell transition from offline to online with pDOOH?


Explore DELL’ success story. Locala and Displayce deployed a powerful pDOOH campaign to generate more impact on Dell’s display campaign. By combining those two media, Dell’s objective was to transition from traditional brick-and-mortar retail to a fully digital presence.

About DELL

It was in 1984, in the residence hall of student Michael Dell, that Dell Technologies was born. Since that day, the company has grown and seeks to create increasingly efficient and innovative solutions and to remain transparent and responsible towards its customers. Nowadays, they are a pioneering company in the tech and digital field.

About Locala

Locala is a French ad tech company that has expanded internationally. Specifically, their technology enables targeting valuable audiences in areas with business potential to address visibility and traffic challenges. Founded in 2011, the company has offices in the United States, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, and Canada.

The Dell campaign context

Dell embarked on a mission to transition from traditional brick-and-mortar retail to a fully digital presence throughout the United Kingdom with two waves for quarter-over-quarter optimisation. The Q3 campaign deployed between the 16th of September and the 27th of October 2023, while the Q4 campaign took place from the 4th of November to the 8th of December 2023. Their objective was to leverage programmatic DOOH to amplify a display campaign to maximize touch points and seamlessly connect with Dell’s audience at the right time and place. To do so they spanned key locations across the United Kingdom with points of interest around tech stores. A granular approach allowed them to pinpoint specific third-party audience segments, such as tech enthusiasts aged 18 to 54, and business owners and decision-makers.

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Running hyperlocal pDOOH campaign to amplify Mobile and Desktop national campaign

The campaign was conducted by Locala and supported by Displayce’ DSP. It was broadcasted on JCDecaux, Clear Channel, ECN, Dax, Framen, I-media and Hi street digital media panels throughout VIOOH, Broadsign and DAX’ SSP. Height distinct screen categories were activated: office buildings, train station, subways platform, malls, grocery, urban panels, billboards and gas stations. Through those settings, Dell broadcasted on 2 555 locations and 3 423 screens. 

Leveraging Locala Location Intelligence, zones with high concentrations of users seen in relevant stores were identified, ensuring their ads were seen by those actively engaged in the tech retail space. Additionally, their affinity-based approach targeted nearby stores in areas with a strong affinity to tech outlets, maximizing relevance and resonance. Their strategy didn’t stop there; by meticulously refocusing spending on key areas in London and throughout the UK, they created smaller clusters of activation based on Q3 performance. This strategic approach aimed at maximizing investment where foot traffic and engagement were strongest, ensuring Dell’s message resonated with precision.

Creativity was also a central element. From high-impact HTML5 banners to immersive DOOH formats, assets were designed to resonate with Dell’s audience on both mobile, desktop and DOOH environments. 

Pictures of a DOOH screen in a mall for a pDOOH ad campaign for Dell

The results

The Dell DOOH campaign achieved 2 556 297 impressions, through450 998 DOOH plays. A Happydemics brand lift study affirmed the campaign’s success, revealing substantial uplifts in purchase intent, 6 points uplift vs Q3 and brand preference, 2 points uplift vs Q3. Notably, the high-impact formats and pre-roll ads achieved double the average click-through rate and reached a 74% completion rate. 

The precise selection of DOOH screens, paired with personalized one-to-one engagement on display, has proven to be a successful strategy, fulfilling its goal of initiating Dell’s transition towards100% digital.