Gordon BONIFACIO appointed ‘Head of Sales’ at Displayce to expand UK market presence

London, November 27, 2023 – Displayce, the pioneering platform and specialist in DOOH, is opening its overseas office in London, United Kingdom. Gordon Bonifacio has been appointed as Head of Sales, bringing with him extensive experience in programmatic.

Created in 2014 in Bordeaux, France and with offices in Spain, Netherlands and now the United Kingdom, Displayce stands as the pioneering programmatic demand-side platform for DOOH campaigns, renowned for its technology, expertise, and inventory. With over 1 000 000 connected digital screens spanning across 70 countries, including France, the United States, Netherlands and Spain, Displayce is expanding quickly. The company provides media agencies with the opportunity to instantly buy advertising spaces on digital billboards owned by over 450 media publishers worldwide. With 31 publishers, including JCDecaux UK and with 28 655 screens already available in the United Kingdom, Displayce is thrilled to announce the opening of its inaugural overseas office in London, with the appointment of Gordon Bonifacio as Head of Sales.

Gordon Bonifacio programmatic extensive background

With a robust background in programmatic sales spanning various digital platforms, Gordon possesses a wealth of expertise in sales strategy, business development, and international expansion, particularly in the UK market. Prior to his role at Displayce, he served as the UK Sales Director for Splicky, where he made his initial venture into programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH). During this role, Gordon collaborated closely with UK agencies and specialists, leveraging his insights to unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising within the Out-of-Home space. His experience and innovative approach have significantly contributed to his success in driving growth and creating strategic partnerships in the dynamic digital advertising landscape.

It’s a privilege to become part of the Displayce team given their history and success in executing international pDOOH campaigns for major brands in Europe and beyond. The Displayce DSP is in a constant state of evolution, continuously integrating new features to provide programmatic DOOH buyers with the tools they need to optimise campaign effectiveness through enhanced automation, real-time data, and comprehensive measurability. I’m excited to see how this space develops as more brands realise the intrinsic value that programmatic brings to the OOH landscape.

Gordon Bonifacio, Head of Sales UK

Setting new standards for programmatic DOOH in the UK

Gordon will serve as a dedicated advocate for the company’s mission to transform the advertising industry. His role involves spearheading strategic initiatives that emphasize collaboration with agencies, media owners, and tech partners. Gordon’s role at Displayce will be to champion the inclusion of programmatic Digital Out-of-Home in all campaign planning processes, empowering agencies and brands to optimize the impact of their media campaigns. He will focus on empowering brands to leverage the innovative combination of creative and data to amplify their brand  and improve performance metrics. His efforts will establish Displayce as the foremost authority in programmatic DOOH campaigns, not only in the UK but also on a global scale, setting new standards and driving innovation in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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