DISPLAYCE, the 1st european DSP to integrate DOOH programmatic standards into its platform!

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DISPLAYCE, the leading DSP (Demand Side Platform) dedicated to DOOH digital display, has incorporated in its platform IMP MULTIPLY, a standard developed by DPAA, the leading global organization for everything digital out of home. The platform will make it easier to calculate the audience reached by a campaign appearing on digital screens. This standard allows the automated purchasing protocols developed for the Web to be adapted to one of the major features of DOOH. A key development in the worldwide DOOH market!


Standards to support the growth of DOOH

Last April, thanks to dynamic exchanges within its ecosystem and meaningful collaboration with Prohaska Consulting, DPAA made available to the players of the DOOH sector the first set of standards for the standardization of the use of programmatics in DOOH. Modelled on the IAB Standard, the purpose of these standards is to facilitate purchasing of this medium, whose effectiveness has been undeniably demonstrated. “We are grateful to have contributed to the development of these first important standards, which encourage and support the growth of the DOOH  market worldwide by making it much easier for leading buyers, sellers, and tech firms to transact,” said Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting.


DISPLAYCE, a pioneer in integrating the standards

DOOH advertising (PLAY) is unique in offering “one-to-many” delivery (one broadcast = multiple opportunities to see the advertisement), as opposed to the “one-to-one” delivery (one broadcast = one opportunity) of the traditional programmatics industry. IMP MULTIPLY is a coefficient that allows this feature to be taken into account. Using this new standard, publishers can now indicate, for each screen, the number of people likely to see each advertisement broadcast.

As DOOH advertising continues its strong growth across the globe, DPAA is please to help accelerate this growth with our work in developing the DPAA Programmatic Standards,” said Barry Frey, President & CEO of DPAA. “Programmatic trading is an important element in the advertising ecosystem and we are pleased to see its growth with innovation from DPAA Member companies like DISPLAYCE.”


An acceleration in the adoption of programmatic

“DPAA and Prohaska Consulting have done remarkable work that has accelerated the adoption of programmatic by all of those involved in DOOH. These standards, particularly IMP MULTIPLY, which we immediately incorporated into our platform, represent significant progress for the DOOH market. These standards will help us work closely with publishers to measure each screen’s audience as accurately as possible and thus lend credibility to this new medium’s advantage by offering increasingly more reliable targeting data and automated reports to trading desks”, says Laure Malergue, the Founder and CEO of DISPLAYCE.

A player in the DOOH market, DISPLAYCE will take part in the upcoming New York Digital Signage Week, from October 30th to November 3rd.  This presents an opportunity for the DSP to discuss and exchange with its American and European equivalents concerning these new standards and identify new opportunities for growth.