Displayce teams up with Adsquare to boost Cross-Media DOOH and mobile campaigns

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Displayce, the first programmatic platform for digital posters (DOOH), is forging a strategic partnership with adsquare, the leader in mobile audience data. This agreement will allow, for the first time ever in Europe, any single audience segment to be activated for both mobile display and DOOH campaigns.


Optimise the impact of a campaign on a target audience

“We started from the finding that: 62% of the DOOH programmed campaigns that we have displayed were also rolled out on mobiles. However, until now there was no automated solution allowing you to create a single audience segment and activate it simultaneously on two DSPs dedicated to these two media channels. Our clients want to be able to optimize their budgets and save time when creating their cross-media campaigns,” says Laure Malergue, founder of Displayce.

Mobile and DOOH (posters installed in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, highway facilities, etc.) are two perfectly complementary media channels; they allow you to capture consumers on the go, outside of their home, on their daily commute, to show them smart messages adjusted to both context and location. Therefore, it was essential to incorporate a technology that could use common data to both media channels.


Qualify in an automated way more than 30,000 digital posters with tailored segments

Thanks to the solution rolled out by Displayce and adsquare, advertisers can compose their audience segment on adsquare’s self-service Audience Management Platform, choosing from thousands of sociodemographic, consumption and movement attributes. Then they can activate their audience segment on the Displayce DSP adding all the qualification criteria for display panels, such as formats, geolocation or contextualisation.  In this way advertisers can maximize the broadcasting of their mobile campaigns to any single audience by accessing a new DOOH inventory (over 30,000 digital panels).

For Vincent Tessier, adsquare’s VP Demand EMEA: “Mobile is THE mobility media, and the synergies with DOOH are obvious. We are delighted by this integration with Displayce technology, which makes now activations between DOOH digital posters and mobile display simple and easily actionable. We believe this premiere in Europe is a step forward for our industry and for the future of omnichannel programmatic advertising.”