DISPLAYCE and DynamicScreen are opening their DOOHLab at the viva technology show (Paris)!

Viva Technology

On the occasion of the Viva Technology Show, DISPLAYCE, the leading DSP dedicated to DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) and DynamicScreen (digital signage solution) open their DOOHLab, a demonstrator to better understand the uses of digital display programmatic.

The DOOHLab allows to recreate the value chain of the digital signage, from the purchase to the diffusion of contents on digital screens.

Two types of content, using recovered data in real time, are broadcasted on digital screens:

  • Informative content
    – The real time schedules of the subways around the show
    – The live broadcast of tweets posted with the # of the show
    – A survey “Why live in Nouvelle Aquitaine?” with the possibility to vote live
  • Advertising content promoting the drive-to-store by geolocation
    – A selection, real estate listings of Seloger.com around the show
    – Supermakets’ promotions the closest to the show with Shopmium

The DOOHLab, which is inaugurated at Viva Technology, is destinated to be used again in future exhibitions , particularly in Europe as part of the DISPLAYCE deployment in Europe.

See you on booth E30 of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region!
Among the hundred or so applications received, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region has selected 15 start-ups, including Displayce and DynamicScreen, to promote the ecosystem and support offered to companies in the region.

To attend the DOOHLab demonstrations or meet our team: contact@displayce.com