Jellyfish, an innovative marketing player that combines creativity, data, and technology to boost major international brands, has partnered with Displayce. Their collaboration aims to streamline the acquisition of digital screens from various Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) and assess the impact of Orange Bank’s communication efforts. This initiative is a key component of a strategic plan, led by Jellyfish teams, to effectively use Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and enhance display awareness for Orange Bank. Notably, Displayce stands out as the pioneering French technological platform (DSP), enabling real-time ad space purchase across a vast network of over 1 000,000 digital display screens.

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An optimized real-time campaign broadcasted on 1,383 digital screens

From December 15 to 24, 2021, the French digital bank’s videos were showcased on 1,383 digital screens situated outdoors, in shopping centers, and store displays. Jellyfish collaborated with Displayce, a specialized digital partner in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), to enhance its connection to strategically important digital screens. The optimization of screen purchases was efficiently executed through two major publishers: JCDecaux on the VIOOH SSP and Imediacenter on Vistar Media.

The campaign achieved 8 million impressions, precisely targeting Orange Bank’s intended audience. Leveraging programmatic DOOH, the initiative allowed real-time optimization based on factors such as time and foot traffic near the screens. This innovative approach facilitated ultra-targeted broadcasting aligned with the affinity locations of the bank’s target audience throughout France.

A significant gain in awareness for Orange Bank 

For this campaign, effectiveness was measured using various solutions, such as the ‘post-test programmatic DOOH’ developed in partnership with Happydemics. Integrated directly into the Displayce platform, this feature aims to measure key KPIs to track the actual performance of DOOH campaigns on awareness criteria: recall rate, brand attribution, impact on consideration or purchase intent. Orange Bank’s campaign generated 24 points uplift in notoriety with Happydemic’s methodology. It also demonstrated that 49% of consumers exposed to the campaign expressed a positive intention to inquire about Orange Bank’s offer.

We initiated a partnership with Displayce for its recognized expertise in the digital market in general and programmatic DOOH in particular, as well as for the operational efficiency of its DSP platform’ says Maxime Menvielle, VP Client Management at Jellyfish. ‘Through close collaboration with the Displayce teams, we are able to effectively carry out our clients’ programmatic campaigns on digital screens and determine their impact on awareness or consideration of marketing KPIs. We are delighted to integrate this new skill within our expertise.’

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