Here we go, we’re in BFM Academy final

BFM Academy

First competition of creators of companies on TV and radio, the BFM Academy launched this year its 13th season. They were 500 to apply for, 64 of them passed the castings in 5 big cities of France, 12 were in top selection and only 4 are in Final… including us!!


DISPLAYCE cross its fingers to win the Final!

We are very proud to announce you our selection in the BFM Academy’s Final. See you on June 25, 2018 for the result! We will need you to support us in this very important moment in our start-up’s life.


Few words on the competition by the BFM Academy team:

They are in their thirties on average and are more than invested in their project which began on a corner of the living room table.
They all have common points:

  • All of them have an incredible determination
  • All of them doubt, but none throw in the towel
  • All of them work 35 hours a day
  • All of them are business creators, so they create wealth and jobs
  • And no one complains. Never!

They are on the “light side of the Force” and also every week in BFM Academy.

To follow the program: THIS WAY.