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France Entreprise Digital

Held by Le Monde Informatique, the Grand Prix of the Digital Enterprise named “France Entreprise Digital” has just launched its 4th edition. The good news: DISPLAYCE has been chosen to compete in the Digital Transformation category!


We need you!

Until May 24, 2018, Internet users vote for the most innovative French digital and IT projects. The results will come out the day after at the Viva Technology show on the HPE stand (FED 2018 sponsor). You understood, it is thanks to your support that we have a chance to be elected, so at your clicks, it is by THIS WAY!


France Entreprise Digital: celebrate those who make, invent and advance

Every year, France Entreprise Digital highlights and rewards projects in private or public companies that best embody the values ​​of innovation and transformation through three categories: “Best Start-Up Project”, “Best Transformation Project” and “Grand Prix”. Project leaders benefit from the valuable support of the 14 partner regional IT clubs.