Gamned! called upon Displayce’s expertise, the Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) specialised in DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home), to activate a major branding campaign in German-speaking Switzerland for the e-merchant QoQa. Deployed on an ultra Premium inventory of digital panels located in the streets and railway stations of several major cities, the campaign generated more than 5.3 million impressions and resulted in a 32-point increase in positive brand perception.

Last autumn, Gamned! ran a DOOH campaign in non-guaranteed programming on behalf of QoQa in targeted cities in German-speaking Switzerland, including Zurich, Basel, Bern, Winterthur and Luzern. Gamned! used the specialised Displayce DSP to ensure efficient management. It was thus able to manage from a single platform the distribution of the campaign on the Premium screens of the two prestigious publishers APG-SGA (for the digital screens located in SBB stations) and ClearChannel (for the digital screens in the streets), via 2 different Supply-Side-Platforms: Viooh and Broadsign. Another major advantage: Gamned! was also able to ensure the visibility of the campaigns to a massive audience by reallocating budgets in real time according to the most frequented areas.

“In order to offer QoQa maximum flexibility, we opted for a 100% non-guaranteed programmatic approach, a first in Switzerland for such a large campaign. Traditionally, we use a space reservation approach that comes close to guaranteed programming. If we are certain to deliver the campaign, we lose flexibility. It is this flexibility of being able to broadcast on hundreds of screens and according to schedules that explains the choice of a 100% non-guaranteed programmatic approach. This allowed us to optimise the campaign’s broadcasting and its effectiveness.” explains Pierre Berendes, Managing Director of Gamned! Switzerland.

“QoQa is a 100% digital player and this was our first large-scale offline campaign. It was therefore only natural that we should approach this opportunity with the habits and advantages that we enjoy with digital. Gamned!’s DOOH approach convinced us with its flexibility, cost control and results measurement.” Mathieu Pereira, Head Of Digital Marketing at QoQa, adds.

“Campaigns like QoQa’s can be imagined and executed with more precision thanks to the technical advantages of programmatic DOOH. By using specific data, advertising messages are delivered exactly when they are relevant to the target group. Thanks to programmatic booking between suppliers and fully automated negotiation, campaigns are even more flexible and visible more quickly. The progress of the campaign can be better monitored on the client’s side and continuously adapted to the communication objectives thanks to various targeting options,” explains Michael Pevec, Head of Programmatic & Automation at APG |SGA.

“With the connection to Broadsign Reach, Clear Channel Switzerland has the opportunity to work with a large number of DSPs in Switzerland and abroad. Together with Displayce and Gamned, we have already carried out our first tests a year ago and we are very pleased to be able to implement this campaign together”, adds Kathrin Petrow, Head of Product Management & Data Analytics at Clear Channel Switzerland.

Displayce has specific integrated measurement tools to monitor the performance of each campaign, which can be activated on a CPM basis from the DSP. This has enabled Gamned! to access detailed reporting to measure the media quality of the campaigns deployed (quality of the image, relevance of the context, intelligibility of the message, etc.) and the uplift on the brand’s branding. The collection and analysis of this data showed that 50% of the people who saw the campaign showed a positive intention (wish to test the product or to visit the site). Also, the campaign generated a 32-point increase in positive brand perception among consumers who were not yet customers of the brand.

“We are very happy to be actively participating in the democratisation of DOOH with international programmatic experts such as Gamned! The partnerships we have had for years with national and international publishers now allow us to offer easy access to a very large inventory of over 95,000 screens. Our expertise in managing DOOH campaigns in several countries is also a strong asset for managing very large-scale campaigns,” says Laure Malergue, Founder and CEO of Displayce.

It is not easy for a media whose specificity is “out of home” to maintain attractiveness in full confinement. How to enhance the value of a digital panel located in a closed or deserted area? This is the challenge faced by Displayce, a technological platform specialising in advertising on digital panels. A challenge that has made it possible to further reveal the sharp expertise deployed over the past 6 years by the company’s DOOH experts. Mastery of programming, RTB (Real Time Bidding) campaigns internationally, and a large network of nearly 95,000 digital panels: all of which have enabled the brands to benefit from targeted communication, with messages adapted in real time, in line with the latest developments in the news.

Outdoor advertising lacks attractiveness between March and May.

DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) is one of the media heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, due to an activity that was idle for several months during the first containment. This media has indeed recorded a record drop of -42.5% (Q3 2020 vs. Q3 2019) according to the BUMP Barometer recently published by IREP. It is not surprising for an activity based on the “Out-Of-Home”, that containment has not made it easier. The digital screens placed in the streets, transport and sports halls were deserted. So what is the point for advertisers to communicate on these media? Displayce, the Demand-Side technology platform designed to optimise the purchase, impact and quality of advertising campaigns on digital out-of-home billboards, felt this very clearly. From one day to the next, its activity came to an abrupt halt, with the cancellation of all the campaigns in progress.

A second wave in which ultra-targeting and flexibility were decisive.

Unlike the first containment, Displayce did not record any campaign cancellations on the second containment. Thanks to the positive experience of the recovery (between June and October), its customers directly activated their campaigns by zone, allocating their budget to the universes and countries that remained open. For example, digital panels located in shopping centres, tobacconists, or drives had a greater impact.

“The DOOH media, coupled with programmatic and RTB technology, allows communication of rare flexibility and power. Messages can be adapted in real time, according to the zones and countries activated at the pace of the news. Thanks to our technological expertise in this media and our very wide distribution network, we have been able to accompany our clients from the very first confinement, to provide them with measured, targeted and adapted communication. These 6 years of R&D and partnerships concluded with the main national and international billboard companies have enabled us to end this very hectic year of growth. A strong signal for our teams and our sector, which encourages us to continue our technological developments and our collaborations with our international counterparts to continue to reveal the DOOH media”.concludes Laure Malergue, Founder and CEO of Displayce.

The American company Vistar Media, a global provider of technologies dedicated to programmatic DOOH, has joined forces with DISPLAYCE, the French Demand-Side Platform (DSP) specialising in Digital-Out-Of-Home, to launch the first RTB Open-Exchange dedicated to OOH on the French market.

Thanks to this new collaboration with Vistar Media’s Supply-Side Platform (SSP), DISPLAYCE is evolving its offer, which until now had been offering automated guaranteed transactions via “Open direct” and real-time transactions via “Open RTB” on its Private Market Place (PMP). By accessing the Open Exchange RTB, it delivers on the true promise of the program: letting data and audiences drive media buying decisions, providing powerful results for advertisers and significant additional revenue for publishers.

“Over the past few years, out-of-home networks around the world have matured the idea of making their inventory available on an Open Exchange through an SSP. In 2020, despite a difficult context, DOOH has maintained strong growth. In view of this, it is more important than ever to activate the DOOH programmatically. Thanks to our partnership with Displayce, whose purchasing capabilities in the display industry are very advanced, we are convinced that France will experience the success we have already experienced in America, Asia and EMEA,” says Chris Allison, Director of DSP Partnerships at Vistar Media.

“The French market is ready to take another step forward in the field of digital signage. We have already had enormous success with our automated system guaranteed for 5 years, launched the RTB last year and have established excellent relations with the entire market. We look forward to working with the Vistar Media team and leveraging their market leading SSP technology to bring Open-Exchange to France”. concludes Laure Malergue, Founder and CEO of DISPLAYCE.

About Vistar Media:

Vistar Media is the world’s leading provider of software solutions for digital signage (DOOH), offering a Full Stack programmatic ecosystem for DOOH. Vistar Media’s supply-side platform enables vendors to easily market their digital signage inventories, while using intelligent data to improve media performance. Vistar’s SaaS solutions (Unified Ad-server and Cortex for device and content management) provide technology to enterprises for monetizing and operating digital signage networks at any scale. With its global reach, direct platform integration, data partnerships and comprehensive technology stack, Vistar Media continues to drive innovation and growth throughout the digital signage industry. Founded in 2012, Vistar Media is headquartered in New York and has operations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

About Displayce:

DISPLAYCE is France’s leading Demand-Side technology platform designed to optimise the purchase, impact and quality of advertising campaigns on Digital-Out-Of-Home billboards. Thanks to this specialist programmatic platform, Trading Desks have one-click access to the largest digital inventory in Europe, with more than 80,000 screens. This enables them to maximise their advertisers’ branding campaigns in premium formats within targeted environments and with a mass audience. This proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based technology offers real-time automated buying, a differentiating data set for powerful targeting, optimisation of campaign impact and integrated uplift measurement. With its geo-centric DMP (Data Management Platform) based on in situ data collection, DISPLAYCE participates in a cookieless, high-performance and audience-friendly advertising. Founded in 2014 by Laure Malergue and Marie Gaestel, DISPLAYCE’s head office is in Bordeaux.