Case study : SantéVet in France

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Real-time purchase only on DOOH signs defined in a radius around SPAs, pet shops and veterinarians


Gain notoriety thanks to an ultra-targeted device


France, in proximity of SPAs, pet shops and veterinarians


MoléculeScience ; JCDecaux – VIOOH ; Oxialive, DoohYouLike – Broadisign ; Imédiacenter – VistarMédia

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SantéVet is, since its creation in 2003, the leader of animal health insurance in France. Specialized in animal health insurance for dogs, cats and pets, SantéVet works like a human mutual insurance company and reimburses veterinary expenses. The company’s mission is to give as many pet owners as possible access to the best veterinary care.

For this campaign, Santévet & Molécule Science programmatically purchased DOOH screens from JCDecaux, Imédiacenter, Doohyoulike and Oxialive.

Geographic targeting on the Displayce DSP enabled the selection of screens +/- 0.2 km from veterinarians, +/- 0.5 km from pet shops and +/- 1 km from animal shelters. This geographical targeting was coupled with a time targeting from 10am to 8pm on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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