Ad-review, first ad-verification reporting

This month, DISPLAYCE launches the Ad-review, the first ad-verification reporting that measures the media quality of your DOOH campaigns.


The goal? 

The Ad-review gives you statistical data and a qualitative assessment of your campaigns by automatically auditing a percentage of the screen distribution in the field.


What criteria?
– Image quality
– The relevance of the context
– The intelligibility of the message
– Targeting the audience

Here are some examples of questions asked in situ: “Did you understand the message of the spot?”, “Is the screen cleared?”, “Is the animation of the spot fluid?”…


DISPLAYCE has developed a unique methodology for selecting screens to audit, collecting field information and analyzing this data in order to restore a quality score of the campaigns. This is the result of a year of R&D and campaign history where more than 50% of our campaigns have been audited.



The results can be viewed in real time in your “reporting” tab. A global score of the campaign is displayed and you have access to the detail of the reporting in one click: results of the answers to each question, access to all the photos taken in the field, details of the statistics collected by context, typology, time, date…


How to activate it?

The Ad-review is an option that can be activated directly from your space, on all campaigns that broadcast on more than 25 PODs and over a period of at least 7 days. The results can be viewed in real time from your “reporting” tab. You can therefore at any time consult the data related to your campaign.


The price?

Invoicing is done at the CPM. Easy, right?
What if you tested the Ad-Review for your next DOOH campaigns? Do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you have any questions. No interlocutor yet? Click here to get in touch with our team.